Customers Know...
We're a Top Vendor

They've ranked us as a top or leading vendor for self-service BI, business benefits, project success, and more in our peer groups in The BI Survey 14 from the Business Application Research Center.

The Battle
for Data Is

And the right approach to self-service analytics can help you win, says analyst Rick F. van der Lans in this new white paper.

"A One-Stop Shop"
for BI Capabilities

That's what Forrester Research calls us in its recent report, where we receive top client scores for self-service and advanced data virtualization, and a high score for agile business intelligence.

Intelligence for Everyone

Wayne Eckerson maps out 5 steps for choosing the right BI solution to meet every user’s unique needs.

Self-Service Analytics

Self-service BI isn't just about giving tools to analysts. It's about empowering everyone with the right tool or app so they can make better decisions. Watch these webcasts and see how.