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Omni-Gen: Simplifying and Accelerating Master Data Management

Traditional approaches to mastering data are long, complicated, and cumbersome endeavors that drain resources - it can take a year or longer to produce a single mastered domain. In this white paper, we discuss the pitfalls and problems of legacy master data management methods, and highlight innovative new approaches. You'll also meet Omni-Gen, a product that simplifies and accelerates the creation and deployment of mastering applications.

Eight Must-Have Criteria for Self-Service Analytics: The Information Builders Approach

This white paper outlines eight critical success factors for self-service analytics. You'll learn the considerations to address including flexibility, usability, scalability, security, and data quality. As you refine your data and analytics strategy, you'll benefit from this practical guide, and you'll also see how Information Builders' solutions for business intelligence and analytics, data integration, and data integrity can help you achieve your goals faster.  

Reinventing Self-Service for Wide-Scale Adoption of Analytics

Self-service analytics allow anyone, anywhere to leverage relevant data for improved decision-making - without complicated tools. This white paper answers your important questions: How do I meet the needs of different user communities? How do I make insights action-oriented? Is my data self-service ready? Where does big data fit in? It also features real-world use cases for sharing crucial enterprise information to satisfy a wide range of information consumers.

Performance Management Without Biases

Today's organizations require a best-of-breed performance management platform. Information Builders' Performance Management Framework is a powerful, comprehensive solution that facilitates the effective, efficient management of both financial and operational performance across an entire enterprise.

Can Your Business Intelligence Environment Handle Data Growth?

This white paper discusses the pros and cons of various types of embedded data stores. It also demonstrates, through benchmark testing, how WebFOCUS Hyperstage can respond quickly to database requests and effectively scale to support large volumes of data – without the need for commodity hardware or complex database administration. The paper compares Hyperstage to OLAP and in-memory analytics solutions and explains what makes Hyperstage superior.

Seven Ways to Improve the Customer Experience With BI and Analytics

This white paper explores seven technology innovations that can empower businesses to optimize the customer experience in today’s multi-channel world. You’ll learn about customer-facing and mobile business intelligence (BI), predictive and sentiment analytics, master data management, and other tools designed to enhance the quality of customer care by streamlining activities, improving service delivery, and increasing the productivity and performance of support teams. Real-world case studies are also featured.

Data Monetization Strategies: How to Make Money or Save Money With Data and Analytics

In this white paper, we show you various ways to unlock the value of enterprise data – including big data and open data – for generating new revenue, realizing significant cost savings, redefining the customer experience, and pretty much changing business as usual.

InfoApps™: The New Era of Self-Service Analytics

IT and business leaders today must provide custom self-service analytics apps designed for specific scenarios, and deploy them to users with a simple app store-like experience. That’s an InfoApp™. This white paper presents frequently asked questions about InfoApps, which deliver highly interactive analytic content, such as data visualizations, charts, graphs, and reports, to users through an easy “app store-like” experience. It provides examples of how they are redefining the landscape of self-service analytics, while helping IT empower the business more effectively.

Driving Better Business Performance With a Practical Data Strategy

What an embarrassment of riches: We have so much data that we can’t properly govern it, can’t find the time or energy to share it, and sometimes don’t even know where it all lives.

This paper is for you if you’re coping with change, searching for better ways to manage and use data, or just trying to think about data more strategically.

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation, and this paper doesn’t present a data strategy. Rather, it will help you define one of your own, tailored to your organization, based on key considerations derived from our experience with tens of thousands of customers.


The New Generation of Self-Service BI

Having the right data at the right time in the right form is vital for organizations to survive and compete. But it’s not just about data; it’s about the tools. In this white paper by Rick F. van der Lans, you'll see how self‐service business intelligence (BI) solutions support a do-it-yourself approach by enabling users to develop and change their reports and dashboards without assistance from IT.


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