This dashboard consists of multiple InfoApps assembled in a BI portal. Click image to enlarge.

InfoApps™ (or “Info Apps”) is a new term used to describe interactive, purpose-built business intelligence (BI) applications that provide fast, easy, and direct answers to specific questions or common problems. More and more companies are turning to InfoApps as a means of making self-service business intelligence more pervasive, and expanding the use of reporting and analysis environments beyond the traditional audience of analysts and power users. With InfoApps, organizations can ensure that their BI investments are really paying off by promoting the highest levels of user adoption possible.

Info Apps are designed to make business intelligence content more readily accessible to those business users who simply don't have the skills or the technical savvy to use complex reporting and analysis tools to satisfy their own information needs. Some studies have shown that such individuals can make up more than three-fourths of an organization's BI user base. Before InfoApps, their inability to address their own reporting requirements put a tremendous strain on IT teams, who were often pulled into an endless cycle of report generation and customization for different user communities, as well as individual users.

The evolution of the apps market clearly demonstrates that this group of users would prefer to use apps over tools, and reporting and analysis should be no exception. InfoApps are an extremely effective way to give business professionals the exact information they need, through an app paradigm, without requiring any analytical sophistication.

You can find out more about how to use InfoApps in your enterprise BI deployment in our complimentary white paper:

Next-generation BI portals play an important role here too, providing organizations with a way to seamlessly deliver InfoApps to their end user base. By organizing and presenting BI apps to users in a way that is simple and intuitive (similar to the Apple App Store), companies can empower them with faster, easier, more interactive ways to get information, feedback, and answers to questions. This will drive higher levels of BI pervasiveness, which in turn will boost productivity, optimize business performance, and maximize return on BI investments.

These next-generation portals also offer high levels of customization and personalization. Business users have full control over their BI content at all times. They will be empowered with the ability to determine what components they view, how they are arranged, how they are distributed across multiple dashboard pages, and how they interact with them. By offering unparalleled ease and convenience - giving them what they need, when and how they want it - organizations can encourage business users to take advantage of business intelligence in new and exciting ways.