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Mercurial Insights (MI) is a consulting company that helps its clients unlock the value of their people, processes, technology and information investments through a range of solutions covering :

  • Enterprise-wide Business Intelligence: ensures an organisation can integrate information from a variety of sources into a common and consistent format and deliver to users through a business-oriented semantic layer.
  • System and Data Integration: provides comprehensive, native access to multiple data sources and systems (legacy, ERP and CRM), which means clients can manage their information flows and business intelligence strategy in a more timely and lower cost environment.
  • Report: a comprehensive range of rich reporting and delivery solutions that can easily be customised around clients' specific needs. MI's rapidly deployable solutions enable clients to design and implement best practice user specific reports, analysis and KPI benchmarking, freeing up valuable analysis resources to spend more time and energy on strategic problems and less time on routine reporting.
Mercurial Insights works with companies to assess, design and implement solutions that transform their information into powerful management assets. Using proven techniques and technology alliances guarantees rapid and scaleable implementations of high-quality results, enabling faster and better informed decision making.

As a result Mercurial Insight's clients are able to enhance customer value, identify new opportunities, reduce risk and error, and thereby increase their return on investments.

Contact Adam Hawkins
Phone +61 2 9955 9227
Location Level 3, 275 Alfred St North Sydney NSW 2060 Australia

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Opal iBusiness Solutions is a national software development company established in Adelaide, South Australia in 1990 specialising in Reporting and Integration of information for:

  • Finance and Business analysis;
  • Human Resources;
  • Operations;
  • Key Performance Indicators;
  • Management and Board Reporting.
Opal iBusiness Solutions ARiES applications can be tailored to meet the requirements of an organisation's adopted standard of compliance at any level in the organisation. Its flexibility means ARiES can provide accurate reporting company-wide, or simply within one area of the business.

  • ARiES is a complete information delivery system which includes Information Builders' WebFOCUS integrated reporting engine.
  • ARiES is a reporting standard which can be adapted to meet the needs of any area of a business.
  • Utilising a web browser, ARiES provides users with secure drill down access to live business data in real time via the company intranet.
  • Seamless integration of any business unit information and applications is provided directly from live data without any manual intervention.
  • Security is inbuilt to ensure access to vital company information is restricted only to registered, authorised users.
All reports can be fully integrated with each other if required, e.g. ARiES-HR / ARiES-Fin (which provides a similar set of reports containing financial business intelligence) / ARiES-Ops (operational data) and more via a web porta.

Contact Deborah Hall
Phone +61 8 8294 1202
Location PO Box 165 Marleston SA 5033 Australia

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