WebFOCUS BI and Analytics Capabilities

WebFOCUS is the industry’s most complete and flexible business intelligence (BI) and business analytics platform, enabling companies to use BI and analytics apps more strategically across and beyond the enterprise. Within a single enterprise platform, WebFOCUS incorporates a broad range of capabilities providing organizations with everything they need deliver on every possible analytical requirement.

With WebFOCUS, companies can accelerate the delivery of comprehensive and intuitive BI solutions internally and externally, and build rich, secure information systems and applications that can be deployed on premises, in the cloud, on mobile devices, or as software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications.

A Platform for Every Analytical Need

WebFOCUS provides core capabilities for a wide variety of analytical use cases. 


Data Discovery

WebFOCUS InfoAssist+ is an authoring tool that includes data discovery and interactive visualization. It is a single, unified web-based product for visually analyzing complex data sets, generating sophisticated data visualizations, dashboards and reports, and enhancing data-driven decision-making enterprise wide.

Data discovery
Predictive Analytics

WebFOCUS incorporates a powerful predictive analytics capability, WebFOCUS RStat, which provides a single integrated solution for BI, data modeling, and scoring.

Predictive Analytics

WebFOCUS includes a fully featured report writing capability within its authoring tools, whether self-service, enterprise, financial, or managed reporting. Different user groups need different information in different formats, and WebFOCUS delivers the most complete reporting capability on the market, period.

Reporting using in-document analytics

WebFOCUS offers a sophisticated BI portal capability that allows users and administrators to create dashboards containing content from multiple data sources and formats. The BI portal is extremely powerful regards security and content governance, so that dashboard content is seamlessly and securely delivered to a wide range of users inside and outside the organization.

In-Document Analytics

WebFOCUS In-Document Analytics enables organizations to transform static documents and make them actionable and dynamic, whether eStatements, interactive invoices, field sales reports, or summary findings from big data projects. This is done by creating a single analytical document that contains one or more views (e.g., report, chart, dashboard), along with a data subset and a selection of analytical controls.

Location Analytics

WebFOCUS has a tight integration to the market leading Esri mapping technology. Within either of the WebFOCUS authoring tools (InfoAssist+ or App Studio) it is possible to incorporate interactive mapping. WebFOCUS can merge several layers of data onto an underlying map, whether from a corporate data warehouse, a big data store, a spreadsheet, or a library of demographics. Importantly, WebFOCUS provides a single platform for location analytics, data modeling and scoring, and predictive analytics.  More information here.

Sentiment and Word Analytics

WebFOCUS provides social media and textual analytics capabilities to enable comprehensive analysis of more qualitative information.


WebFOCUS Magnify allows users to leverage a familiar and intuitive Google-like interface to instantly access detailed records, unstructured documents and aggregate summaries. With Magnify, a user can drill down directly from search results into the reporting system, so any natural language search can be instantly expanded to include numbers analysis.

Predictive Analytics
Natural Language Generation (NLG)

WebFOCUS Narrative Charts is an additional analytics option that leverages natural language. Information Builders has partnered with industry leading Natural Language Generation (NLG) provider Yseop and integrated Yseop Savvy into WebFOCUS. Savvy automatically translates charts into narrative, explaining in everyday English what is happening in the data.


Performance Management

WebFOCUS Performance Management Framework (PMF) is a set of business level tools that enable the management of three critical elements of the performance execution cycle: Strategy, Metrics, and Actions.


WebFOCUS provides a wide variety of delivery options, whether alerts, reports, charts, apps, dashboards, analytical documents, or other. Authors of analytical content and apps have the ability to design for a large screen or any size screen via responsive design options.

Mobile computing and responsive design
High-Performance Data Store

WebFOCUS Hyperstage is an embedded data store that dramatically improves BI and analytics performance. Hyperstage combines the I/O advantage of in-memory analytics with an intelligent architecture that allows data to be stored on disk without sacrificing performance – meaning you won't ever receive an "out of memory" error.

High-performance data
Casting and Archiving

WebFOCUS ReportCaster is a module that ensures secure, automatic dissemination of critical information to the right person in the right context. Intelligent bursting can deliver different subsets of the data to different people on a single pass of the data, as shown in the nearby image. The report delivery engine and business event monitor provides a single point of control for real-time alerts, as well as a mechanism for fully automating, scheduling, storing, and instantly distributing information.

Casting and archiving

WebFOCUS. One Platform – Every Analytical Need.

Capabilities like those shown above are only one aspect of a BI and analytics platform. You also need the enterprise-quality features that can support everyone in your organization, from the boardroom to the mailroom – and beyond, to customers, partners, and other constituents. Learn more about the scalability, governance, and other features that make WebFOCUS customers recommend it more than any other platform.

There are many stakeholders inside and outside your organization.

Each has their own analytical needs and preferences.

Only one BI and analytics platform can deliver to all of them: WebFOCUS, from Information Builders.


WebFOCUS RStat users don't have to be statisticians to forecast future business events.