Performance Management Framework

Modern business intelligence (BI) tools deliver insights from a wide variety of data sources. To truly leverage these new insights, you must be able to act on them in a way that promotes the successful achievement of management goals.

The WebFOCUS Performance Management Framework (PMF) from Information Builders is a set of business-level tools that improve the way you run your department or division – or even your entire business.

PMF enables the management of three critical elements of the performance execution cycle:

  1. Strategy – Select, organize, and align your goals and objectives
  2. Metrics – Determine the percent achieved towards an objective
  3. Actions – Define the initiatives and projects designed to fulfill goals and objectives

Built on the WebFOCUS BI and analytics platform and certified by the Balanced Scorecard Collaborative (BSC), PMF empowers stakeholders at all levels to actively participate in performance initiatives, tracking the status of high-level objectives and then securely drilling down to detail data to understand the factors that influence performance. They can also schedule alerts, perform cause/effect analysis, view performance trending, and more.

Key Capabilities of PMF:

  1. Leverage an agile self-service performance solution for business users
  2. Build strong alignment between strategies and operations, creating a smooth path to performance execution
  3. Gain deep insight into performance, and the factors that impact it, with advanced analytical tools
  4. Enhance communication and collaboration by making it fast and easy to publish and share details about strategies, goals, initiatives, and metrics
  5. Balance performance, risk, governance, and compliance
  6. Empower business users at all levels to engage in performance management, with minimal IT involvement
  7. Strengthen relationships with your customers, suppliers, and business partners by making them a part of the performance management process

With WebFOCUS PMF, you have a cost-effective, easy-to-deploy way to tap into the value of your existing assets, and leverage insights to encourage performance-enhancing behavior across your organization – without disrupting operations.

WebFOCUS PMF helps your managers become better leaders at the department, division, or corporate level. Contact Us to learn more and see a demonstration of WebFOCUS Performance Management Framework.

PMF Strategy Map

The WebFOCUS Performance Management Framework allows management to create, refine, and manage strategy.