Predictive Analytics Solutions

Queries, reports, dashboards, and other traditional business intelligence (BI) solutions are highly effective for quantifying and comparing historical data to show what has happened in the past. However, decision-makers need predictive analytics to quickly and accurately predict future events, behaviors, and conditions.

Predictive Analytics Solutions

Information Builders offers powerful predictive analytics solutions that allow organizations to quickly and economically build and deploy comprehensive, highly accurate forecasting and scoring applications. These innovative tools leverage a proven mathematical approach, seeking patterns and trends in historical data to provide greater insight into which factors have the most influence on outcomes, and what is likely to occur based on current and past information. This approach infuses a new level of precision into forecasting and decision-making.

Our predictive analytics solutions include:


WebFOCUS RStat provides a single platform for BI, data modeling, and scoring.  With the R engine – a robust and flexible open-source statistical programming language – as its underlying analysis tool, RStat seamlessly bridges the gap between backward- and forward-facing views of business operations. With RStat, users at all levels are empowered to make decisions based on accurate, validated forecasts of future events or conditions.

Marketing Mix Modeling

Marketing professionals can perform deep, unhindered analysis of any marketing data. With the ability to review past campaigns and activities, forecast their potential impact on sales and profits, and simulate marketing scenarios with anticipated results, our Marketing Mix Modeling solution delivers the intelligence needed to dramatically improve marketing planning, execution, testing, and measurement.

Price Optimization

With our Price Optimization solution, companies can test various pricing scenarios, simulating price changes by product, location, or other criteria to accurately determine likely outcomes. Through a deeper understanding of the impact of price on sales and profits, companies can respond more rapidly to market shifts, and instantly adjust prices to reflect evolving competitive strategies or customer demands.

Sales and Operations Planning

Smart-Edge is an integrated planning platform that spans marketing, operations, engineering, and finance. Using highly sophisticated mathematical analyses and optimization techniques, Smart-Edge enables users to investigate multiple production plan scenarios, evaluate enterprise-level profit, and assess the financial impact of demand shaping, surge capacity, and other what-if mitigation strategies. Manufacturers will better understand the risk associated with any potential plan and a gain a more holistic understanding of performance drivers, so they can boost profitability and supply-chain effectiveness.