Customer Service Is Everything


At Information Builders, we are as open and flexible as our software, and our customers are our greatest asset. For every new product and feature, there's a customer who drove it. For every customer there's an answer.

"Our Worldwide Customer Services organization is dedicated to achieving high customer satisfaction, advancing customer-driven product enhancements through strong partnerships with product development teams, and building enduring customer relationships."

Dan Ortolani, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Customer Services

Our customer-centric philosophy is bolstered by an integrated support network of people passionately dedicated to the success of your business initiatives. Professional Services, Education, Technical Support, Technical Content Management, Product Development – our support network is the sum of these groups, and we stand ready to help you.

The Technical Support Center is your portal to community, technical content, and technical support services. Access self-service technical content, such as release PDFs, technical videos, tutorials, and search-enabled, product Information Centers. Interact with our technical support team directly via chat, download software, or manage your support cases.

Focal Point is our online community of over 8,500 developers. You can visit our message boards or ask your own question to fellow developers in an informal and cooperative environment. Our community of developers is a great resource of experienced users, all willing to share their knowledge and connect with other users.

Customers can visit our Technical Content Library to view and download technical manuals or to order a print manual from our Bookstore. It includes a Technical Video Center, where you can watch our self-service videos to learn the latest product features. In an ongoing effort to reflect our customers’ feedback, we have established a Customer Connections program that enables customers to share feedback about a particular manual, join a usability project, or test our developing content management products and applications.