The Business Value of Trusted Data

Poor data quality can lead to increased risk in decision making, missed opportunities, financial and reputational losses. According to Gartner’s Data Quality Market Survey data quality problems cost the average business $15 million in 2017.

Forbes Insights and KPMG “2016 Global CEO Outlook,” stated that 84% of CEOs are concerned about the quality of the data they are using to make strategic decisions.

When high quality data flows through the organisation, the benefits include:

• Increased Operational Efficiency
• Enablement of faster, smarter decisions
• A shorter path to regulatory compliance

Without trusted data, your new digital initiatives such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Digital Transformation or Industry 4.0 (Business Process Automation) are unlikely to succeed.

Please join us to learn how Information Builders can turn your data into your most valuable asset using a stage approach to managing and governing enterprise data.

2:00 pm The Role of Progressive Data Management as a Business Enabler
3:00 pm A Practical Approach to Progressive Data Management
4:00 pm Drinks and Canapes


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